About Us

We always have had an appreciation of the beauty and balance of nature. And we have enjoyed the excitement…and occasional disappointments…of growing in south Florida. When we married, we joined our passion for nature and our growing expertise.

What started out as a few potted plants quickly grew into an abundant “garden” comprised of over 100 containers filled with herbs, tomatoes, vegetables, ornamental plants and trees. In no time, we began planting in the ground and refilling our containers with other green endeavors.  With the successful expansion of our container plantings, we soon realized we had created our own little nursey.

In March 2009, friends gave us a starter flock of eight chickens. We got “chicken fever” and expanded our flock with additional hens. That was just the beginning.

We embraced nature, and we were rewarded bountifully.

Farriss Farm was born.

Robert and Buffy the Buff Orpington. Photo courtesy of Aran Goyoaga.
Look at what's on Paula's chin! A monarch butterfly had just emerged from its chrysalis. Its initial flight was short: it flew from the milkweed plant and used Paula as its first resting place. Fortunately Robert had the camera at hand.